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tv   Americas News HQ  FOX News  September 6, 2015 1:00pm-2:01pm PDT

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hope to see you right here next week. hello, welcome to american's news headquarters. >> the news this hour, more bad news for hillary clinton. there's a new poll showing her democratic rival bernie sanders leading in a critical battleground state. what it means for her campaign. growing outrage that the arab world isn't doing its part to take in syrian refugees as hundreds of thousands continue to flood across europe. plus, you know you have to budget for supplies like backpacks and pencils. wait until you hear about all of if other hidden costs associated
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with back to school shopping. more trouble for hillary clinton as the race for the democratic presidential nomination is heating up. a new poll is out showing her trailing bernie sanders in new hampshire. there are the numbers. the vermont senator leading mrs. clinton by 9 percentage points, 41 to 32%. all of this as clinton's e-mail controversy stays front and center. details surfacing that she paid a state department staffer to maintain the private e-mail server she used when we was secretary of state. kristen fisher is live in washington with more. >> today hillary clinton starts a two-day swing through iowa. yesterday in new hampshire. in both of the states her campaign is looking less and less invisible. a new poll out today showing bernie sanders is in striking distance. clinton's lead has dropped 24 points since july.
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and now in new hampshire bernie sanders is beating her by 9 points. when you start out on top, there's in where to go but down and it's really early. but this highlight a troubling time for hillary clinton. >> with respect to personal services that he provided to me and my family, we obviously paid for those services. and did so because during a period of time we continued to need his technical assistance and i think that's in the public record. >> well d-day for clinton and her private e-mail server will come in october when she has to testify before the benghazi committee one week after the first democratic debate. but by there will have been two
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republican debates. now that cnn changed the debate rules, it's looking more likely like carly fiorina will make the cut. >> when you looked at the situation and saw that there was only one candidate that moved from the bottom seven into the top ten, indeed the top three, it's hard to walk away from a conclusion that somehow i was being disadvantaged and that's how a lot of people felt. >> it's not final just yet but fiorina and trump on the same debate stage. can you imagine? get your popcorn ready. should be a good one. >> kristen fisher, thanks very much. we turn now to a humanitarian crisis overseas. tens of thousands of refugees escaping from war and terror, running for their lives to europe. hungary dropping visa checks along the borders and allowing migrants to use regular train services. we have more from washington.
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>> countries such as germany, austria and greece are answering the calls of the helpless as they work to accommodate thousands of displaced syrian migrants. so many people were walking across the hungaryian border, police had to shut down the highways. germany is working to distribute them across the country seeing as the number and situation is very fluid and growing. angela merkel's ruling coalition are scheduled to meet. officials on the ground say the waves of folks showing no signs of letting up. >> translator: we had 6,80 0 refugees at the station yesterday. and since mud night there are another 1,200 have arrived. between then and 8:00 this morning. we're counting on the same amount of people arriving during the day today. >> pope francis appealing to the masses as we pleaded for the catholic churches across europe to offer relief and shelter for
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those being displaced, begging his follower to show mercy. >> translator: faced with the tragedy of tens of thousands of refugees who are fleeing from death of war and hunger, we're called to shgive them a real ho. >> saudi arabia, kuwait aband others have offered zero replacement to syrian refugees. >> thanks so much. we're going to dig a little deeper into this worsening crisis with an expert from the heritage foundation later on this hour. well the national weather service is warning folks in california be alert when you head to the beach this holiday weekend. the weather service saying a storm moving toward california could bring high waves and severe rip currents. beach goers are still enjoying
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the sand and the sun but they're being careful, they say. >> this is not actually what we want to see. we like a really light wind, no wind. >> i usually go about waist high or chest high. i'm not going to get that close. it's that strong. >> will carr joins us live from venice beach, california. will, cow what bunga, is it surfs there yet? >> reporter: it's a beautiful day. a lot of people enjoying the weather. we spoke to a couple of very experienced surfers who say they're simply going to sit on the beach today, enjoy water or a beer. lifeguards on high alert today as we've seen the waves get bigger and bigger. it comes on if heels of a man drown in this area on thursday. he was swimming 200 yards out in the water, got pulled under by the rip current. by the time the lifeguards got there, i was too late. there was also a dramatic rescue to our sou yesterday in redondo beach.
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and the coast guard is looking for a person in the water at catalina island after a boat crashed this morning. the national weather service says there's strong rip currents until tuesday. waves 7 feet tall. and then there are much larger waves, coming without warning and they're very dangerous. add it up and the lifeguards are asking for people all along the coast to be careful this weekend. >> the swells, the high tide tends to be when the ve the most dangerous rip currents. >> reporter: the way you can stay safe is to go out in water in pairs. stay near a lifeguard stand. it may not look like much right now. we've seen waves varying in how tall they are out there. once you get out there, mother nature is very strong. we spoke to a couple of very experienced surfers and asked
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them how they stayed safe. >> main thing i look at is, close to shore there's in reef. i try to stay safe, don't fall on my head. it's all no gin god's hands rea >> reporter: there's a shark attack to our north in malibu. a kayaker had his foot bitten by a hammerhead shark. that comes on the heels of two kayakers being circled last week by an aggressive hammerhead. experts say because of the el nino, the water is more warm, you're going to see more sharks in the area. you've got the sharks, dangerous elements on the water. could be a good decision to stay on the beach this weekend. >> yeah, hang out at the beach, hot dogs and hamburgers, that sounds good. will carr in venice beach. thanks. drones causing some major drama at sporting events this
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week. yesterday a student crashing an unmanned aircraft into the university of kentucky's football stadium. officials confirming that no one was hurt in the incident which happened moments after kickoff. this is days after a drone caused a security scare here at the u.s. open in new york city. the drone plummeted down into empty seats during the women's single's match. they arrested a high school teach charging him with reckless endangerment. there are new concerns about standardized testing. the college board reporting this week that the s.a.t. scores have sunk to their lowest level in a decade. lauren gra lauren green has that story. >> the sat measure college readiness scores. but the scores have been steady dropping. according to the college board that ad ministers the test, the averag score for the class of
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2015 was 490. that's down seven points from the previous year. college board saying this is a call to action to do something different to compel more students to readiness. other experts agreeing saying more changes are needed on the high school level. >> most of the big reform efforts in america today have focud on the younger grades, the testing, all the higher standards as well as more school choice. most of that has been at the elementary and middle school levelin leve levels. >> well state a lndal governments pour billions of dollars into education. 28% of total expenditures that have yet to show results. a further glitch this year when common core line tests suffered technical issues and many students couldn't finish the tests. but critics say that the s.a.t.s don't measure potential. >> is s.a.t. is not designed to
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track national achievement. and it also isn't crafted in such a way that we can make causal inferences. so when s.a.t. scores wiggle -- these are tiny wiggles in the score. we really don't know why they occur. >> the department of education looking at the positives, pointing to the highest graduation rate ever, 81%. now the college board is redesigning the boards for the class of 2016 focusing on what research and evidence show matters most for college success. a police department in texas taking heat after putting "in god we trust" decals on cars. why they're doing it. a new report on stopping donald trump's campaign in its tracks. you may be surprised at who is tr him. mounting pressure on big-time donor to choose their
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chicago police say someone found the remains of a toddler. the gruesome discovery made at a park on the city's west side. dozens of officers scouring the area in search of more clues. wildlife officials say three bears euthanized near lake tahoe. officials say the bears who came from the same litter had lost their fear of humans. scientists who studied the animals don't know if this was a way of genetics or the way that the bears were raised. in god we trust, the freedom from religion foundation is criticizing the move to place this on the police cars in texas. donald trump emerging as a political juggernaut of sorts, establishing himself as the republican front runner. but according to the "the new york times," not everybody in the gop stands behind mr. trump. the reports saying that some big
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conservative pacts or supper pacts and their donors are quietly conspiring to find way to stop his assent. look at the real politics poll average showing trump a 14% lead over the other gop presidential hopefuls. what's the impact of trying to stop trump. let's talk about it with john fund, a columnist for national review. going after trump may be a little like going of a rabid animal. i mean, it could be tough. it's a risky strategy. >> well, you want to, of course, not create a negative backlash because remember, donald trump's fans and a lot of other people are suspicious of anything relating to politics, including negative campaign ads. even though negative campaign ads is work, they can also backfire. i think they have to -- i would suggest a more mu morous light
1:18 pm
hearted approach, does he have any policy prescriptions rather than the sledgehammer, you know, attacks that you're not really a conservative. many of trump's people are not etiological. they're just mad. >> is that what it is, they question that or do they fear that he has insulted so many people, if not women, immigrants, that that makes him unelectable in a general election? >> i think it's a combination. donald trump has sky high negatives. so over 30% of republicans say they wouldn't vote for him under any circumstances. that makes it a problematical general election. at t same me, donald trump changes his mind in almost everything. if you don't like something donald trump says, wait until his next speech. >> you wrote a column and you say it's a question of whether trump can keep up the momentum of his medicine man show. what do you mean?
1:19 pm
>> well donald trump is the most entertaining political act ever. the modern p.t. barnum. but p.t. barn numb knew he had to have new circus acts. i don't know if donald trump is rolling out new circus acts. the summer is easy to get media coverage. the fall is harder. donald trump has to keep this up for five months until we get into the primary season. >> you were very specific about it. his bullying, his shameless boasting, his constant inconsistency on issues lack of conservative bonn that fieds will weigh on him. is he not as strong as the poll numbers indicate? >> i suspect so. i think people are generally mad at the system. they want to send a message. whether or not they want to vote for trump as the ultimate mcer, the campaign will decide that.
1:20 pm
the other thing is if you look at who supports trump, it's two categories op people where he has zie high support. people who are independents, not affiliated with the republican party formally. and the second group are people that, well, let's just call them voters who don't show up. >> right. >> they say they're going to vote but they're the least likely to show up. and primary turnout, even when it's someone like barack obama is running against hillary clinton is much lower than a normal election. >> and his unfavorability is very high. >> well over 30% among republicans. and the sky high unfavorables call into question his general election. on the other hand, hillary has problems that are perhaps bigger than trumps. so the hillary-trump thing would be a battle of two negatives clashing with each other. >> we would talk about hillary clinton but that would require several hours. final question. trump is in many ways two sides
1:21 pm
of a coin and one super pact donor described it this way to the "the new york times" in a recent article, quote, he disgusts a lot of people because he's been vile. but he also brings out what people feel about their government." and that's anger, isn't it? >> it's also political correctness. i think he's tapped into this deep vein that we can't tell the truth anymore. we can't say in plain speaking terms. >> you've got to be politically correct. >> right. and you're going to be ran out of polite society if you say anything wrong. >> donald trump broken out of that ceiling. i don't always like the way he says it but i'm glad that we have someone who is challenging the politically correct terms of our times. >> somebody said recently, i'm supporting trump based on the sheer entertainment value. >> well that's not a reason to support someone for president. >> no it is not. >> many of those people are saying yes to him in these polls
1:22 pm
you're citing. but if they're supporting him for entertainment value, when you cast the ballot in the polling place, then you tend to be much more serious about it. >> now is the silly season and people are saying anything? >> well donald trump can broaden his reach if he becomes for serious than silly. but so far he tends to enjoy the silly part more than the serious part. >> i think it's a silly season among perspective voters. >> and the pundits who have been wrong on everything so far this year. big-time political donors who have not yet committed to a presidential hopeful are facing mounting pressure to back a candidate. we have more from l.a. >> your phone rings constantly and you get voice mails to the tune of hey, john, it's so and so. i'd like to talk to you about my campaign. they's code that they're reaching for your wallet. >> john jordan is a mega donor.
1:23 pm
>> in 2008 i fell in love. >> in 20125 12 he spent $2 million on this negative spot on president obama. this year jordan remains uncommitted but says not a day goes by that a campaign doesn't ask him for money. >> a candidate will call and pretend to be interested in what you're doing and your business. they'll have a sheet in front of them about what you do, who ru are, pets, anything their staff can scrape up. then they'll pivot to the race. geez, this is an interesting time in america. then they have a specific number that they want to ask for. and then they put you on the spot. >> every candidate i've ever worked for hated the process of making the phone calls to ask big contributors to make that donation. >> this campaign consultant understands why many donors remain uncommitted. >> it's just the best fopositio for them to be in.
1:24 pm
they don't want to keep going back to the checkbook over and over >> i am in great admiration of the people who are badgering me' calling me. >> other candidates are still calling and that is not likely to change. >> the only time you hear back is when they want more. >> among the large ers gop donors, about 25% have given to one candidate, half to multiple candidate while the rest remain uncommitted. among democrats, hillary has a big lead but joe biden is giving some donors second thoughts. a little school tradition, turning into an all out beat down. while military police are now investigating this pillow fight. plus as thousands struggle to escape syria and iraq. some neighboring communities accused of not stepping up to help. and these countries are some of the richest in the world. i can do easily. new benefiber healthy shape helps curb cravings.
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we're back. bottom of the hour. time for top of the news. hillary clinton trailing bernie sanders in new hampshire. a new poll putting sanders nine points ahead of mrs. clinton. >> plus some the republican parties biggest donors are apparently banding together to stop donald trump, according to the "the new york times" republican strategist and donors now trying to con since conservatives that trump is the wrong choice. an investigation under way to find out who is responsible for this. that's right. it's a pillow fight that turned violent at the u.s. military academy at west point. 30 cadets injured in the august incident, 24 of them with concussions. we get now back to the growing refugee crisis in europe. pope francis calling on every church and sang rare to shelter a family. the pontiff adding it's not enough to say quote hang in there as thousands of syrian as
1:30 pm
iraqis risk their lives trying to reach europe. how do we get to this point in you havek to the united nations 1951 convention and it's 1967 protocol wh will the only global legal instruments covering the important aspect os after refugee's life. refugees deserve as a minimum the same standards of treatment enjoyed by other foreign nationals in a gichbt country and in many cases the same treatment as nationals. this as am nes tis international points out that six gulf country, cutter, saudi arabia, cue kwat, omar and bahrain have offered zero settlement places to the refugees. none of them are signatories of the convention. now for a syrian to enter these
1:31 pm
arab counties, they would have to apply for a visa which in the current circumstances is rarely granted. he's talk about this with the director of foreign and national policy studies at the national foundation. so, steve, let's start here. why weren't these countries that i just showed in the map originally included and are currently not being implored to take in more refugees? >> well, first of all, they're not that concerned about it. we, in the united states in the west, seem to think that every arab country is like brothers with one and they're simply not. there's a huge difference between the syrian community and the iraqi community and the gulf arab states. and frankly the gulf arab states are not terribly interested in having a whole bunch of syrian or iraqi refugees in their countries. >> and fold in the allegations that countries like cutter,
1:32 pm
saudi arabia might be bank rolling rebels fighting ear january syrian's president. it's clear and the countries said they're funding the resistant movements against assad. assad is a shoe ya and they're supporting the sunni rebels against his regime. this divide between sunnis and shia we tend to ignore in the states but it's huge in that area. and they are involved, most of it not under the table. it's quite clear that they're doing it. >> let me pull up a screen here that shows the gulf countries that have contributed to -- that have contributed to humanitarian aid. saudi arabia given $18.4 million
1:33 pm
so far this year, while kuwait has given more than $304 million, making it the world's third largest donor. and the united states has given the most at $1.1 billion and has agreed to resettle about 1500 syrians. so is it time to have an updated and revised refugee convention with new provisions, steve? >> it probably would be worthwhile doing it. i think it would make a little more sense to incorporate this into the policies of these countries, particularly the united states. and at least get the gulf arab states to do more to bank roll -- if they don't want to take the guys, they should be supporting others. jordan, for instance, has a ton of refugees in its country now and they do not have the funning to take care of them. the other arab states should be helping them do that ena probably should be contributing much more to the effort than they were before. new convention, i don't know.
1:34 pm
that's sometimes a lot of smoke and not much heat. >> that's a good point. how do you get those countries that you mentioned to -- how do you put their feet to the fire to get them on board and say, not just funding money but take in some of the refugees? >> again, as i said, i'm not sure that the syrian refugees would be all that thrilled to go to some of the guelph arab states. it would be like going into another country. their culture is a lot closer to the european culture than it is to the gulf arab culture. the other thing is that we've got to face the root of this which is get rid of isis and assad. and the president's policies have failed in both of those regards. >> so it brings me to this question. how much blame falls at the feet of american leaders? and then think about that for me. i want you to answer that as well. when we're watching this refugee crisis on the news, i want to ask you, steve, in terms of americans and the safety to the people at home, should there be any concern? >> well, first, it does fall in
1:35 pm
the realm of policy. something created this refugee crisis and it's the war in syria and the rise of isis. they need to be dealt with so that these people don't have to go to other countries. there is some degree of danger when you take a bunch of people like this. you display them, they're very upset and concerned, that could become fertile ground for radicalization by people like isis. i don't want to make these people a threat, they're victims. but there's a fertile ground for mission. >> mainly you're looking at families who are trying to take care of their loved ones like anyone else would do. however i understand that maybe there are some holes in there for mischief, as you pointed out. we'll talk to you again about this some other time. thanks. well a kentucky clerk remains behind bars. kim davis not backing down on her convictions against same-sex
1:36 pm
marriages. where does this legal standoff head? our legal panel is here the weigh in. >> we are not issuing marriage licenses today. >> why not? why are you not issuing marriage licenses today? >> because we're not. >> under whose authority are you not issuing -- >> under god's authority. >> i don't believe in your god. no, like you haven't seen a bed in weeks! zzzquil. the non habit-forming sleep aid that helps you sleep easily, and wake refreshed. because sleep is a beautiful thing. i then i could maybe ifupgrade a little, ifi'm gettingr tha fair price. know we realized, okay, this not only could be convenient, we could save a lot of money. usaa car buying service. powered by truecar. save money, zero hassle.
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the kentucky county clerk who refused to issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples is standing by her decision and she'll spend the labor day holiday weekend in jail because of it. hundreds of people showing up who are offering their support for kim davis by gathering outside the jail where she's being held. davis telling the judge her job duties conflicted with god's moral law. still her attorney says she plans to stay on the job. >> if they want to remove her, they can. but they're not going to because they want her there.
1:41 pm
and so she's called by god to serve the people. and she's going to continue to serve them. she's not going to step down unless the people change their minds. >> let's bring in our legal panel, fox news legal analyst and trial attorney. mercedes, from a legal standpoint, this is a no-brainer. she violated a federal judge's order telling her to follow the law. i mean this is a clear-cut case. >> no wiggle room. absolutely no wiggle room. you have the u.s. supreme court court saying it's legal for same-sex marriages to make place in the united states and you a federal judge who is following the letter of the law saying you must issue those licenses. she's saying no, i'm not doing it. therefore she's in jail. >> nobody is telling her she can't practice her faith, just not on the job in a way that prevents citizens from invoking their legal rights. that's what the u.s. supreme court ruled nine years ago. here it is.
1:42 pm
garcetti versus sar be las. that city by necessity must accept certain limitationens on his or her freedom. if she can't put her job duties ahead of her private beliefs, shouldn't she get another job? >> that's the argument. the argument is she waived the right to have to have this objection. she's the county clerk. she says, i want to be the one to issue the marriage licenses and it's tes state that determines what a valid marriage is. she disagrees morally, that doesn't really matter. she has to go by the law. she took an oath of office and has to follow through with the oath of office. >> the judge tried to help her out here. saying, look, let other clerks in the office handle these gay couple marriage licenses. promise me you won't get involved and interfere, and she said no. i'm going to actively interfere with that. >> completely outrageous. she took an oath, this is the
1:43 pm
essential duty of the position. if you can't fulfill that duty, then you can't have that job. and frank live the fact that her judge gave her a softball, that was wonderful. don't sta in jail. for get the fact you violated my order fer weeks now, months perhaps if the legislature comes forward and changes the law. bottom line is she doesn't want to do it. >> early today davis' lawyer made the following statement. take a listen to this. >> in the case of roane county in kentucky, 75% of the people in kentucky passed the marriage amendment. she also took an oath to defend that constitution as well. and when she ran for office and the people put her in the office, things like marriage was not part of the agenda. but five people a few months ago changed that and it's questionable in terms of whether they have any constitutional authority to do so. >> five people meaning the supreme court justices.
1:44 pm
that's a sfuning statement by the lawyer. it's the constitution that gives the tu duty to the u.s. supreme court to decide. >> it's a stretch. that's what he's doing, grabbing at straws. >> i must say, it is the most ignorant statement i've ever heard from a lawyer. >> and the law is fluent. that's why it's evolved over time. that's why we have the powers of the government. you have the judiciary, the legislature. this is the bottom line. >> when she took the job, she was sworn in to uphold the law. we rely on government officials to carry out their legal duties. if we allow them to pick and choose which law they want to uphold based on their personal beliefs or religious beliefs, wouldn't there be chaos an
1:45 pm
anarchy? >> that's the purpose of the law. we need rules. we can't have people picking and choosing what they want to enforce. >> therefore, i am not going to prosecute murderers. >> you could put any example up there. if someone can't follow the letter to have law, can't follow duties, the instruction, fulfill the instructions of their job, don't do the job. >> a lot of states require a great deal of prayer every day. what if somebody of the muslim faith holds that job and says to their boss, you know, i'm going to have to pray four hours a day in the afternoon and i'm just not going to be able to do anything. >> well that's a great point. and the point is in some cases, a reasonable accommodation, key word reasonable, may be appropriate. here she's asking for the law to be changed essentially. there's in way that the
1:46 pm
essential function of her job can go by the wayside because she doesn't believe in it. >> somebody is behind bars based on their religious beliefs. the basis -- >> the basis is she violated the order. >> nobody is above the law. would you agree? >> no one says she can't practice her faith. it's wonderful that she chooses to do that. but she can't be a public servant and impose her personal religious beliefs on others. >> can't do it. >> that's why what the judge did was a great idea to resolve the issue and work it out. >> the only other way i can see it is he says, i'm not going to put you in jail but i'm going to bar you from the building and put some federal marshals out there to make sure she doesn't go in. >> if she's not going to follow them, there's nothing more he can do. and he can't allow people to violate court orders because of their convictions. >> it tells others hey, you can
1:47 pm
break the law. >> good to see you both. very nice. okay. it is back to school time. only day away. parents getting their children backpacks filled with all kinds of stuff. but do they know about all of the hidden costs that are going to pop up? some surprising numbers coming up next. 73% of americans try... cook healthy meals.
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>> labor day weekend is the unofficial end of summer and the start of back-to-school. consider this: the cost of raising a child for middle income families is now about $245,000. that is up 25 percent since 1960 and that is adjusting for inflation. that is not all. the average family can also expect to spend $630 sending their kids back-to-school. there are a lot of other hidden costs that pop up. here is what to expect with anchor of "bulls & bears." we need to get personal because you know about this. >> the bottom line, out of my last few paychecks this is what
1:52 pm
i have left after paying for back-to-school costs. supplies: you expect number two pencils but those days are normal, backpacks, binders, you have to pay for paper, all that stuff. it is not a problem. $200calculators and in elementary school i bought kleenex for the school, not for my kid. all sorts of supplies like that are a big deal. i pay taxpayer money for a public school, this is not private. fees for activities, one out of five parers spend $1,000 for sports-related gear fiorinas joining a club. when you join the parent association you pay a fee. there are the school trips that run town $1,000 a year. these are wonderful opportunities and i am glad high daughter has had them but you have to be prepared to pay this kind of money. >> what do the folks do?
1:53 pm
how do they prepare? >> from my own experience: do not go to staples the night before the first day of school. it is the 10th circle of hell. >> like shopping when you are hungry. >> shot out of season. the day before i have had to fight ten moms for one pink 1.5" binder that was left and for hours in the line so first of all, forget that. shop out of season. shop through your junk drawers, you will find binders and papers. kids buy them and don't use them. gym shoes, you have to provide the p.e. clothes and if they want an expensive brand and you have to get a mortgage to buy them, then have them pay some of that through their own
1:54 pm
allowance. >> we talked about if you have a child k-12, do you have advise for the higher level, in college? what heck happens. >> i have one in high school and in college. in college, it is crazy expensive for room and board. the college board says expect to pay $2,000 a year for basic expenses such as laundry and cell phones. i would say bed, bath and beyond should be bed, bath and beyond and broke. outfitting a kids' dorm room, i have seen some pay $5,000. you are buying rugs, televisions, microwaves, remember in the days...i will date myself, but i took a suitcase and a typewriter and my
1:55 pm
bedspread from 3rd grade. those days are gone. talk about sports. just club experts, not ncaa, you can pay up to $2,500 a year for that. there is parking, $800. football games you can pay $400. there are ton of expenses up and above the average cost of college which is like $60,000. a year. >> the bottom line, that is the big ticket item, the tuition people focus on and you are saying, guys, you have the other costs that could add up and it is like when you have a house you think you can pay your north -- mortgage, can you afford the taxes and the insurance? >> you can catch brenda every saturday morning at 10:00 a.m.
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happy labor day, everybody. i'll see you on tuesday on fox business network. >> another media frenzy at trump trailer as the donald will not mound a third party campaign sounding off on everything including tom brady and kanye west. >> as far as jeb is concerned i watched hill open television this morning. it is a little bit sad. don't forget, he was supposed to win. he just doesn't have the energy. is the press digging into the charges and counter charges between trump and bush? >> susan


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